Rhetorical Analysis on any pop culture media

The Best Writers This project asks you to analyze the rhetorical strategies and effectiveness of the messages conveyed in a pop culture item of entertainment (song, short story, poem, TV episode, music video, piece of art, etc.).To successfully analyze the your item, you will need to observe it multiple times and consider:The rhetorical situationUse of Ethos, Pathos, and LogosThe primary and secondary audiencesThe overall effectiveness of the message(s) conveyedRemember, for this project you are NOT taking sides or arguing for or against the message itself! You are also NOT offering your opinion as a fan. Your job is to rhetorically analyze the content of your chosen entertainment only, with special consideration of the specific qualities that either work in favor of the message(s), or against it/them. Determining the intended audience of the show is a crucial step in this process.