The Best Writers Bottom of Form2nd Colleague Susan ChristmasSusan ChristmasWeek 6 DiscussionTop of FormOur Week 6 discussion thread centers around technological tools that can aid in the evaluation process. I will be using a former workplace (using my memory to the best of my ability) to justify the need for an evaluation process within the workplace. Our instructions are to analyze tools that are currently being used within the workplace to evaluate processes and employees. We are also to distinguish which tools we have learned about that could be recommended as a positive addition to the current evaluation process.Justification for an Evaluation ProcessI will once again use Echo Bluff State Park (actual employer was Guest Services, Inc. was which contracted to run the concessions inside the park) as my workplace example even though it has been several years since my employment, and I do not fully recall all the details about the evaluation process. An evaluation process was needed at Echo Bluff State Park because daily tasks were not being completed efficiently and customers were not satisfied.Analysis of Current ToolsI can honestly say that I do not recall any technological tools being used to aid in the evaluation process at Echo Bluff State Park. There was some manual, hand-written data collection processes that educated the General Manager on customer satisfaction. Of course, there are technological tools such as Yelp, Google reviews, TripAdvisor, etc. that evaluate processes and employees from the customer’s perspective, and those results were definitely monitored and reported to the employees. Unfortunately, changes were not often implemented even when seeing the data that proved there were clearly issues that needed to be dealt with.Recommended ToolsOne tool that I believe could be beneficial at Echo Bluff State Park is a web conference that would provide the employees with daily expectations. The web conference should also provide an explanation of changes that need to be made, why these changes are needed, and measurements that will be taken to determine the results. Follow up should be done by management by observing behavior and documenting the frequency of compliance with the changes. An additional web conference could then be done to allow the employees and managers to share their opinions on the effectiveness of the changes (Moseley & Dessinger, 2010).ReferencesMoseley, J. & Dessinger, J. (2010). Handbook of Improving Performance in the Workplace, Measurement and Evaluation (Volume 3) Hoboken: Wiley.Bottom of Form