respond to the following IN YOUR OWN WORDS. 400 each

respond to the following two posts IN YOUR OWN WORDS with a minimum of 400 words each, supported with a minimum of two references. It will be run thru a checker, thanks. 1. The one size doesnt fit all from doing the project can be unique and for some of the projects that is relatively that is straightforward and predictable and while others are being highly complex and risky however, these different approach that does comes on how the project that should be managed while at the same amount of the project management rigor to the project that is wasteful in the way, that the organizations and the project managers have apply to the project management dogma while not having the deviation but having the tailoring to the efforts appropriately which it states of the argues to one of the risks that is in the managing to the project even if the project manager is being knowledgeable in one particular project management methodology that can be difficult to step back and consider in the different approach. When selecting the right software development it has to be in the methodology it can be a challenging task for many organizations and the software engineers but it can be a trend of making the challenging that is being the fact of the organizations that is few and knowing of the criteria to being at used in the selecting the methodology that is being add to the value to the companies and organizations and understanding them that is being apply to more than one of the Life Cycle Model. 2.Whether innovation is required or not when change occurs it can be sudden (revolutionary change) or happens over a period of time (evolutionary change). The method used depends entirely on the organization that is administering the change and what its specific needs are. Revolutionary change is a complete reform from top to bottom that is usually motivated by a need for overall organizational change. The focus is bringing something entirely new to the table. Although radical change can save a great deal of time there are still risks associated such as the increased costs involved despite the possibility of failure considering it is within peoples nature to fight change and if it is not accepted then all that time and effort was for nothing, and if there is no cause for change other than change for changes sake then the organization risks losing sight of the product while focusing too much energy on the changes. Evolutionary change is a reform carried out in increments over time, implemented by leaders and employees, usually motivated by a need to do better after a series of failures in performance. As previously stated, people usually resist change so if an organization wishes to seek innovative change, then there must be a conducive environment to allow the change to occur. Factors that make a conducive environment include, senior management leadership, encouragement, communication, collaboration, and strength reinforcement. We are in a sort of technology revolution right now and have been for nearly the last forty years keeping up with these technological changes can be extremely costly but there is also the increase with informational security issues in protecting the public. Another concern that arises is that as automation technology continues to evolve the need for labor force decreases. But those who do not adapt are left in the wake of those who do. Furthermore, as technology continues to evolve, the laws surrounding technology also must evolve.

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