Research Project on Hypothetical Thesis of Mongol Invasion of Russia

The major writing assignment for this course will involve historical analysis.  The basic elements of this assignment are your thesis and the evidence you use to support it.  The essay you will compose will consist of three parts: an introduction, a systematic development of an argument, and a conclusion.

The thesis for this paper is:

The Mongols stabilized and promoted the political, economic and social growth of the new Russian state. If the Grand Prince had embraced this influence of the Mongols, Russia would have pursued development as one of the most powerful states in Asia.

Be sure your research will include how Russia would have been influenced and by whom. Would they have succumbed to the Polish/Lithuanian neighbors? Can you find evidence and argue that they could have established their own “Russian way” without being conquered by one of the major powers in the region?

Each student will prepare a research paper of no less than a target of seven-eight pages.  Students must use no less than six sources to research the era, the person of interest, the event to discuss, and other related issues to your thesis selection.  Acceptable sources may not include more than one encyclopedia, dictionary, nor similar reference sources.  Sources must be appropriately cited throughout the paper and in a bibliography at the end of the paper.  Style of citation for history writing is MLA, but as long as the citations are present and consistent, a students major field of study may dictate the choice of style.

It should be thoughtful, well-documented, with good grammar, and good sentence and paragraph structure.  Proof-read!!  Pay attention to transitions and the flow of your argument.  Are you being systematic?  Are you developing points rather than randomly stringing them together?  Is the transition between one point to the next clear and smooth, or choppy and disjointed?
Students are expected to research the era of history surrounding the topic selected.  You are gathering evidence to convince your readers that your thesis is supported.  You will collect quotes, dates, and relevant information about not only the person and event of your focus, but you need to be able to support your argument.  Your task is to select the most important of your facts and to present them in a reasonable, systematic and persuasive manner to defend your argument (your thesis).

What you need to do for this project is demonstrate you know what the actual history of Kievan Rus or Russia is for the time period you are discussing. Then hypothesize about what might have been the course of history if a different path had been taken.

Use past tense for descriptions of actual historical events; use conditional for your proposed thesis.


The document that says “Copy of HIS 208….” is the example paper of how this paper should be. The concept of that paper regarding flow and how the paper is informational in the beginning but then hypothetical in the end is how it should be. 

The document that says “Very Rough Draft…” is the one that I severely messed up on and should not be followed at all. There is some information in it that could be used about the golden horde but just please don’t use that as a reference. 

The document that says “Revision” is the one that should be used. I have already done the research with the sources that should be used. If you could find one more then that would be great but I have also provided the links to these sources. 

Links that are already in the sources that I have provided:



Louramore-Kirsanova, Crystal Ann – Master’s Thesis.



The Effects of the Mongol Empire on Russia


Ivan I and the Rise of Moscow

Please do not make the paper too informational because half of it should be hypothetical on how Russia could be one of the most powerful states in Asia.

So you could start off by describing the actual history of the Mongol invasion and then incorporating the thesis in there. Then go into how the Mongols positively impacted Kiev or Kievan Rus (the original Russia before it was named Russia) politically, economically, and socially. That should be about half of the paper if even. Then go into a good turning point on how Russia could have been more Asian. So like how the grand prince/princes could have embraced more of what the Mongols were incorporating. 

So things to consider could be:
What was the Mongols purpose in Kiev?
What did the Mongols try to implement?
Then tie into how the Grand Prince/princes were resistant and then go into how if they would’ve followed the Mongols ruling then they would be a more powerful state in Asia.

Analyze the sources to support the thesis and then the way Kiev was to what the Mongols were trying to incorporate into Kiev that was good and then use those parts to argue how Russia would have become more powerful.

Kiev/Kievan Rus is the term for Russia back in history so use that until you’re actually referring to today’s Russia.

The point of the paper is to argue on the “what if” (so the thesis) it is argumentative
Now that you are thinking about this project differently, what corner would you propose that Russia take? Remember, once you turn this corner, you have to defend what would have happened if Russia had done that.
It is first necessary to understand what DID happen, using
well educated speculation, about what MIGHT HAVE/WOULD HAVE/COULD
HAVE happened if a different decision was made in the history of the Russian

Use past tense for descriptions of historical events
Use conditional for proposed thesis (would, might have)

There is an outline that I have provided to help with the paper but you don’t have to follow it. Just mainly pay attention to what I have typed on here. 

Please contact me if you don’t understand anything. I would rather you do it write while asking me a bunch of questions than not asking any and getting the paper wrong. I want to give a good review and pay in full. I have experienced so many poor-quality papers from this site and would like this one to work out, please.