Research paper on poverty- rewrite for structure and format

I need help re-writing my research paper due to the feedback I received from the professor. It has structure and format issues. The content is good and I would like to keep the same content as much as possible, but I am struggling to put this in the format needed. It needs to follow the Harvard Outline and very specifically how many sentences are in a paragraph, etc.
This is the feedback I got:
The Format should be:Introduction Paragraph 1Introduction Paragraph 2 (with Thesis Statement)_________________________________Body Paragraph 1 (Cause 1)Body Paragraph 2 (Solutions)_________________________________Body Paragraph 3 (Cause 2)Body Paragraph 4 (Solutions)_________________________________Body Paragraph 5 (Cause 3)Body Paragraph 6 (Solutions)________________________________Conclusion Paragraph 1Conclusion Paragraph 2________________________________