research paper

Students will complete one 5-7 page paper proposing a research study.  NOTE:  This paper includes the literature review you have already completed–just add to the paper you completed last session in HSRV 256.
Use the literature review you completed in HSRV 256, with corrections from your graded/draft submission. Conclude your literature review with your Research Question.  Then add a Methods Section to address your Research Question.  Check out the information on how to write a Methods section included in this module.
Note that you will NOT be conducting the actual study. Instead you will be developing a Methods section to describe the methods you would use IF you were to conduct the study.
The Research Paper is due by 11:00 pm Dec. 12, 2021, and should be submitted on Canvas. The Research Project Paper is worth 15 points of the final course grade.  See the Grading Rubric in this module for assessment information.