Research paper

5 page research paper, deadline Dec 1st by 2pm pst.
Question:  Based on your college career (and major or general studies), what is the point of a college education in 2021?  To respond to this question, please make sure to include the following items in your discussion: A background summary of your learning experience (you can compare/contrast any previous educational experiences with your time at AVC, or simply focus on your time at AVC to date). Some background information about your interests at college and/or research about your major. An argument that supports why college is beneficial for your area of study. A counter argument that argues why college is not beneficial for your area of study (or one that refutes college in general). A discussion that agrees or disagrees with the counter argument you present. A discussion about how you see the future of education and the future of your area of study. A main idea (or thesis) that directly states an opinion that is based in all of the above ideas. Technical Requirements:Please use MLA Format (Times New Roman, 12-point font, double spaced, Works Cited page, etc.).Your essay should be at least 5 pages in length (Note: the Works Cited page doesn’t count as an essay page).Please use at least 4 outside sources to help discuss your ideas (2 of these sources should be from EBSCO Discovery Service).