Rental Application screening fees

use this doc to build the argument for regulating screening fees as you can see the testimony in support. It is also helpful to see the arguments in opposition (e.g., administrative costs) because can then bring up the line of thinking that this should be looked at as the cost of doing business and compare it to something like the hiring process to find the best fit to fill a job vacancy. The testimony may help in bringing up more points in part 2.
Page 10-13 of the doc points out the fact that some states have already started to regulate these fees, which shows examples that other states have seen this as a problem and have already taken steps to cut down on this burden. While it wouldnt be necessary to go into detail on laws in other states, it may be good to point out that other states have begun to regulate these fees at some point during the discussion. 

Please summarize it all. highlighting the support, the opposition and how it has been working in other States that regulate it.