reflective journal (no plagerism)

You can use this chapter 3 activity as the basis for your 1st reflective journalRemember to follow the 3 paragraph pyramid structure outlined in the powerpoint1.What did you do? [short]. summarize the reading and activity2. What did you learn from reading the chapter and doing the activity[medium]. – what knowledge did you gain from the reading and activity?3. How did it change your learning or strategies for learning – personal reflection of the activity or any aspect of the reading [longest and deepest reflection] How does the new knowledge change your understanding of creativity? What does making the familiar strange mean? – How does it develop creativity  Are there questions that you want to ask your parents now? Do you have a greater appreciation for your parents as more than just parents?Do you anticipate future actions based on this strategy?
I will create a Turnitin assignment for this reflective journal shortly