Reflection on the 4th Essay

Reflection on Essay #4: The Research Paper
This assignment challenges you to reflect on your experiences surrounding the fourth essay. By doing this, you will deepen your understanding of your learning and writing processes. Calling our own actions into consciousness helps identify problems and sustain success.
Respond to each of the following prompts in the form of a letter to one of your friends:

In the first paragraph of your letter, describe your writing process for the third essay. Where did you write it? What did you write it on? How long did it take? Did you have anyone read it? What kind of feedback did you get? What was the most challenging part of the writing process for this paper? What do you feel worked really well in your writing process? What would you do differently if you could. This paragraph is not about the content of your paper; it is about the process of writing it! In the next paragraph, I’ll ask you to comment on the content. Again, write this as a coherent, developed paragraph with smooth transitions. As you move from paragraph to paragraph, be sure you use transitional phrases.
In the second paragraph, discuss the development of your paper. Do you have excellent details in the essay? Give some examples of details that work well. Are there places that need more details? Where? Please make sure this paragraph is coherent and well-developed with smooth transitions.
In the final paragraph, describe what you have learned from your experiences this week. Have you learned something about writing? About taking online classes? About yourself? This is the paragraph that matters most! Remember that you can learn from failure and success–and everything in between.