nce you have selected the type of group  – PEOPLE IN ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS WITH INDIVIDUAL WITH BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER – in your group proposal, you will practice conducting a screening interview for the group with another class member role-playing as a potential group member. The role-play prospective member should share how they felt after the interview is over and the impact you had. You can then decide whether or not you would have accepted this person a member, justify your decision and identify what you would have recommended for the client if you did not accept him or her. The screening interviews should be conducted outside of class time. describe and evaluate it in a 2-4 page (500-1000 words) paper. If you wish, you may try more than one screening interview to give you a variety of experiences. Interviews should be 10-15 minutes. Remember, you will have to describe the type of group to your partner, too, in a written or oral form. This assignment does not have to follow APA formatting guidelines.