WRITING PROJECT THREEENTERTAINMENT: REFLECTING ON DIFFERENCES BETWEEN GENERATIONSPurpose: The purpose of this assignment is to understand and reflect on differences between generations. We will read a variety of texts concerning the evolution of youth and how youth is currently perceived in comparison to older generations and ultimately draw a conclusion about the importance of evolving trends.
Description: Research one aspect of popular culture from an older generation—at least twenty years difference. Write an essay that compares the older generations trend to the current trend. Questions to consider: How did the trend evolve? What is the older generations opinion about the trends current state? What can we learn about popular culture from the trends progression? How do you see the trend evolving in another twenty years?
Possible trends that you could observe for this project should be narrow in scope. For instance, rather than fashion or music or television shows, which are topics much too big for the length of this assignment, concentrate on trends such as the progression of jewelry fads, the differences between country music from the 1950s and now, or variety shows versus reality shows.
Physical Requirements:o Option A—Traditional paper1000-1200 words plus works cited page, 12-point font, MLA formato Option B—Creative representationConstruct an alternative mode of expressing the differences between generations; accompany with 500 word explanatory text plus works cited page, 12-point font, MLA format
Examples of Option B might include: writing a TV script with characters from two different generations and portraying how they interact, meshing song lyrics from different generations and evaluating the differences, producing a video montage that highlights a key trend of the two generations, etc. There are several possible routes for Option B. If you are interested in pursuing any of these routes, I require you to see me sometime before your proposal is due.
Research: Your primary source will be the research you conducted concerning an older generation. Additionally, you must use two secondary sources. These may be relevant and credible websites that explore your topic or readings from Remix or articles found through our library database. If unsure of what type of source to use or how to find a particular source, see me for help.
Evaluation CriteriaFor this assignment, C papers will• Examine the differences between generations• Draw interpretative conclusions about the evolution of a trend• Integrate research sources to support conclusions, observations, and analyses• Be effectively organized• Be clearly written• Include a relevant title• Meet the physical requirements above• Be mostly free of copyediting errorsD and F papers will fall short of these requirements; A and B papers will exceed them.