The Best Writers1Michigan Elementary SchoolNameInstitutional AffiliationProfessorDate2IntroductionThe project is of Michigan Elementary school where their playground is weary and plansto renovate must be made to ensure that students enjoy their resources and helps in activeparticipation in school activities. Most school renovations are aimed at improving the receptionof facilities to ensure pupils and all the staff upgrade. Physical activities at any schoolplayground have a vital role which is aimed at improving the attention skills and span ofstudents, helps in decreasing anxiety and stress levels as they prepare for their classworkactivities. When kids try things outside their classroom setting, their motivation is boosted, andthey can enjoy school more which creates a great sense of learning. Additionally, cognitive,social, emotional, and physical skills are developed in the process of active participation inplaygrounds since children feel under safe spaces and can be themselves in playgrounds(Pawlowski et al, 2019). Therefore, playgrounds must be renovated, when need is, to be friendlyto their children’s activities, and Michigan Elementary school could take into considerationrenovating their playground to improve their student’s well-being. Renovation ensures that betterspaces are brought back to life for benefit of the students. The project scope is therefore limitedonly to school playgrounds.Project goals and objectivesAmong the goals of the renovation project of Michigan Elementary school is improving theschool’s infrastructure through renovations of the playground, creating a template playgroundplan, and being the best playground within Michigan. On the other hand, the objectives are tocreate a safe and fun playground for the students, to improve students’ physical participation infield activities to be able to compete with other schools, and to offer the modest type of tools3used for physical activities at school. Among the goals is to improve the school’s infrastructure,whereby infrastructure plays a role in expanding the school. Through infrastructure, institutionsget connected across their metropolitan areas to take part in employment opportunities andensure quality education for their students by providing all necessary skills within their reach.Additionally, a template playground has to be organized in terms of core factors keeping in mindthe needs of the students as well as the budget allocated for the same to ensure the renovationpurpose meets the needs of the students and is within the project scope (Raney et al,2019). To beable to lead in offering the best physical activities around Michigan, renovation of playgroundswill play a major role in propelling the goal. Therefore, Michigan Elementary school, can offerthe best playground activities and be able to lead within their metropolitan area.On the other hand, the objectives of the renovation project of the Michigan Elementaryschool playground are to create a safe and fun environment for their students to developimportant skills around and allow the children to participate in activities that can boost theirhealth and wellness. In offering the modest physical activities using the modest tools as anobjective of Michigan Elementary school, success in fieldwork activities is guaranteed amongthe students which will reflect better performance as an outcome of physical health. The otherobjective is to expand skillsets for the students through creating a fun playground with themodest tools of use to expand their capacities and their participation in curriculum activities aswell as boosting their competition levels with other institutions. Through interactions of studentswith other schools in the event of curriculum activities, social and emotional skills can still beperfected which can help the students positively and keep them motivated with school activitiesas well as performance. Additionally, employment opportunities will be created for the residentsaround the metropolitan areas and Michigan Elementary school reputation will be boosted.4Customers and stakeholdersThe customers of the innovation project are parents and their school-going children. Thechildren benefit directly from the project through active participation in curriculum activities inadvanced and secure spaces to be themselves while parents benefit from providing their childrenwith safe spaces to play and learn from. The stakeholders of the Michigan Elementary schoolproject are contractors, parents, school-going children, and the local community. Stakeholdersare mainly the investors and owners of the project who take part in funding the project andkeeping it active. The school director among related management can lead the ongoing project todetermine the results and ensure it lies in between the scope and set a budget on allocatedtimeframe. The investors’ role is to put their shares into the playground renovation project to bea long-term activity corresponding to the belief of strong and positive aspects of the school. Thelocal community is involved in the project since they can get better employment opportunitiesthrough construction where skilled personnel will be employed for the allocated time frame ofthe project.MilestonesMilestones are the priority tasks, deliverables, and checkpoints within the renovationproject that are used to measure the level of success in performing expected tasks to meet thegoals within a set timeframe. Safety is the key issue in a playground, therefore ensuring safetymeasures such as materials used in construction such as hard surfaces that might risk children5health, sharp edges and pinch points, high platforms and play equipment without barriers as wellas tripping (Hill & Chawla, 2019). Another milestone to be checked is that the school managershould ensure funding is ongoing from the investor’s side for the project to move swiftly. Thehiring of skilled staff such as constructors is key also where those that meet deliverables must behighly involved and replacements shall be made when one fails to adhere to set rules. Thesigning of contracts must also be prioritized in the milestones by the school management such asthe manager to keep up with funding and construction activities and offer them in good time aswell as meet quality standard constructions.TimelineA high-level timeline is required in meeting the playground renovation project activities inthat in a set time frame some of the activities must have been met to ensure the main goals are ina way to be met. Top priority tasks are ensuring materials in use are sourced to MichiganElementary school, qualified workforce is employed and investors sign contracts in time for theproject to onset. A year earlier, Michigan Elementary school would compile a mood board, set abudget within six months prior, make appointments five months before the onset of the projectand finalize as they start within three months to the project initiation. Preparations forrenovations can be done within the first week of the project where undoing of the field can bedone where necessary. After successful completion of the same, acquiring necessary materialssuch as cement, wood chips, rubber mulch, engineered wood fiber among others.Overall costs6The average cost involved in renovating the Michigan Elementary school playground isestimated to be $50,000. The average cost for playground equipment takes about $30,000depending on the size-inclusive of play structures and custom designs. The hiring of staff costsaround $10,000 while the other $10,000 can cater for materials in use and other requirementssuch as architect’s fees among others as well as extra fees that might be incurred in the event ofrenovating the playground.7ReferencesHill, C., & Chawla, L. (2019). “Fun, Novel, Safe, and Inclusive”: Children’s DesignRecommendations for Playgrounds for All Abilities. Children, Youth, andEnvironments, 29(1), 105-115.Pawlowski, C. S., Andersen, H. B., Arvidsen, J., & Schipperijn, J. (2019). Changing recessgeographies: children’s perceptions of a schoolyard renovation project promotingphysical activity. Children’s Geographies, 17(6), 664-675.Raney, M. A., Hendry, C. F., & Yee, S. A. (2019). Physical activity and social behaviors ofurban children in green playgrounds. American journal of preventive medicine, 56(4),522-529.