read be a gamer , save the world

Directions: Read “Be a Gamer, Save the World” available on Canvas or on page 496 of The Norton Sampler (9th Edition).  Considering this reading, compose a 700-1000 word ARGUMENT essay that addresses the following prompt:

Prompt: “Be a Gamer, Save the World” discusses the unlikely positive impacts that the game industry/gamers have. Pick any hobby/career that is NOT inherently known for its positive impacts (i.e. the gaming hobby/career). Make an argument that your selection can “save the world,” that is, have a major positive impact on the world. You may not select gaming.

Essay Specifications:

Your essay must also include 3-5 citations. All citations must be from “Be a Gamer, Save the World,” reputable websites, or the library (ebooks, journal articles, etc.). At least 2 of your sources MUST be from the library.
Your paper must be composed using MLA formatting and citations. 
Be sure to proofread and edit.

To submit your essay, click on the blue “Submit Assignment” button.  You may submit your essay by:

Attaching a Word Document or PDF.
Submitting a link to a Google Doc.  ***Be aware: Do not send me your Google Doc via email; all assignments must be submitted via Canvas, not email.  Additionally,  if you submit a link to a Google Doc that I am unable to open, you will get a zero for the assignment. For help ensuring your Google Doc is sharable, click HERE (Links to an external site.).