RE: Week 8 – Signature Assignment: Philosophy of Education Final

Dear Teacher Candidate,

Good morning to you! Regarding the final Signature Assignment, all you need to do is to highlight in yellow the
changes or additions that you have made. If I asked you to delete
certain words or phrases, you do not need to highlight them in yellow.
Just delete the words or sentences. Only highlight in yellow the changes you made and revised based on my suggestions in the annotations on the right-hand side. If I do not see any yellow highlights, I will send them back to you to include them. Your final paper needs to be uploaded by Sunday 12/12/21 at midnight. Thereafter, it will be marked as a 0.

Also, all course assignments for week 8 are due by tonight 12/12/21 at
midnight. Thereafter, the grade book will close in Canvas. This means
that I will not be able to accept any late work because I have to post
grades the following week. All late will be marked as a 0. Thank you for
your kind attention. You can do this! Onwards!
Kindly,Dr. Freeman