question: When you consider the KMP4 we’ve discussed in class, how do you define

Place your order now for a similar assignment and have exceptional work written by our team of experts, At affordable ratesFor This or a Similar Paper Click To Order Nowquestion:When you consider the KMP4 we’ve discussed in class, how do you define the act of critical thinking about media in today’s political environment?Here’s the first thing to consider: After selecting the question to address, consider what it is asking. In this way, you may want to consider these aspects:• How did the model evolve to include different types of critical thinking, power relationships, and knowledge?• How does the model/course conceptualize media and its persuasion? In this way, how did we consider the way media frames meaning?• How does the model/course think of critical thinking, and its opposite, in relationship to power?• How does the model/course connect critical thinking to aspects of world-view and/or identity?• How does the model get specific about thinking towards aspects of persuasion?The questions above are not exhaustive and you certainly are not just simply answering them thoroughly and have a final argument. The questions are there to get you started thinking holistically about critical thinking.The next thing to consider: After determining aspects of the answer you want to develop, think of two claims you want to make that are different from one another that can help you define critical thinking. Develop those ideas and support. In other words, prove each claim with explanation and examples. Do not use examples from the course; you are to see your own examples.When the two ideas are sketched fully, determine an answer to the question that can be developed in 1 – 2 sentences that you can call a thesis statement. Have that in the opening paragraph without much fluff. Then structure your response accordingly.Helpful Hints:1. Do not quote.2. Do not explain the KPM Model, you cannot do that in this brief essay. You are to use the ideas of the model to make your claims.3. Take “I” out of the essay as much as possible unless you are supporting a claim about your understanding.4. Include a word count at the end of your document.5. Do not include titles of readings or films in the paper – you refer to the authors by doing an MLA in-text citation.7. I should be able to read your essay and know what question you have selected without you having to regurgitate the question and using your word count to repeat the question.8. Proof read your document to make sure no answers are duplicated and you do not ramble.For This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowRelated