Query Letter

Purpose: Students will write a query letter convincing an agent or editor to read the students original work and consider it for publication. This letter is meant to accompany the student’s final project. 
 Assignment Requirements 
 This grammatically correct letter should include: 
A salutation, 

Why that particular publication or agent was chosen by the writer, 

A hook that will intrigue the agent or editor, 
A synopsis of the work paired with the letter, 
A brief bio,  
A closing that includes titles of the work and genre information, and  
A signature.   

 Where to find agents, editors, and literary magazines: 

Agents for novel-length works (How to Search #MSWL and ManuscriptWishList | The Official Manuscript Wish List Website)
Poems, short stories, and microfiction magazines (Literary Magazines | Poets & Writers (pw.org))

 Query letter tutorials: 

Advice (The Query Simplified | Pitch Wars) from New York Times bestselling author and Pitch Wars founder Brenda Drake.
Literary Agent Eric Smith breaks down client query letters and why these were successful with his Perfect Pitch (Links to an Perfect Pitch ERIC SMITH (ericsmithrocks.com).) series. Example: Love Hate & Other Filters. 
Paper format 
Double spaced
Time new roman front
12 points
1 pt margin.
You will not have a source for this assignment it will be based off of what you make up. Please be sure to let your creativing run wild