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Please write responses to each of the 5 questions listed below for Module 6 Discussion Board:

1. Give one example each of issues/problems that could be answered using a qualitative research
design in the following areas:
A. nursing practice
B. nursing education
C. nursing leadership

2. What topics are better suited for phenomenological or grounded theory or ethnography? Provide rationale.

3. Provide one topic that could be researched using each of the following qualitative research designs: phenomenological, grounded theory, and ethnography. Discuss how that one topic could be researched using each of the three stated qualitative research designs.

4. Explain the various strategies used to promote qualitative research validity, trustworthiness, and rigor as found in Chapter 25 of required textbook (Polit & Beck, 2017).

5. Select one of the various strategies you explained in question #4 and compare it to a specific quantitative strategy addressing

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