PSY 790 Final Project

For this component, you will develop a presentation that articulates a convincing need for the proposal you have developed. The presentation should beengaging and appealing to your target audience(s). You should envision yourself giving this presentation before your target audience(s). This could be, forexample, a boss, fellow scholars at a conference, or a grant provider.This is your opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the problem you have identified and the need to conduct research or implement and evaluate anintervention. Remember that you are seeking support of the proposal, so knowing your audience and tailoring your message to them is crucial.Since you will not actually deliver this presentation in person, you must create a self-sustaining presentation. A narrated presentation is strongly suggested. Thepresentation should adhere to the principles of an effective presentation, and all of your sources should be cited properly. There is no minimum or maximumnumber of slides required. You should use your judgment to create a presentation of appropriate length that will convey all of the necessary information whilekeeping the attention of your audience.