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Project Quality and Management

Assessment 2- Group Project



K200570 – Edinalva Rossi Riboni

K210598 – Vincent

K210696 – Julius Urblik

K 220081          – Anjali

K210418 – Sagar Dhital



Dr. Mohamad Nazi







  1. Do a SWOT analyses of current situation of Whalers Rest Motor Inn and explain where your project fits into it? Edinalva



  1. Prepare project charter. Edinalva


  1. Prepare a Stakeholder Register and Stakeholder Management Strategy for three key stakeholders for the above project. Vincent



  1. Prepare a team contract. Edinalva


  1. Analyse financial projections and perform financial analysis for the project management using format given in week 4 lecture slides (not using excel formulas) and explain if the project is worth investing or not? Vincent



  1. Identify and justify the appropriate SDLC model for this project. Relates and justify the phases of your chosen SDLC model to project management process. Julius



  1. Prepare the work breakdown structure (WBS) for this project at appropriate level. WBS should be based on the project charter, scope statement, and other relevant information in the case study. Julius


  1. Using the WBS from the previous question, prepare a Gantt chart for this project that covers the following:

Estimate activity durations

Sequence activities

Show critical path in your Gantt chart   –  Sagar


  1. Prepare a cost estimate. Anjali


  1. Prepare a communication management plan for the project. Anjali



  1. Identify four potential risks in the project and prepare Risk Register for this project. Anjali



  1. To monitor and control the project success, Prepare weekly status report of the project. One report per team member is required. This report must be in context of the case study and assuming your group is part of development team.



  1. Individual Presentation: Edinalva Will prepare the power point slides and everyone just add the bullet point of your topic ( one slide each)


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