Project Proposal.

I need to finish a Project proposal, the topic is about sexual assaults in Penn state. This proposal should be 5-6 single spaced pages. And should be contains two charts of data. (E.g. the sexual assaults cases reported in these years at Penn state.. and other aggresive data)
Contains following:
Introduction that ends in a clearly written Purpose Statement (no need for a heading for this section as it follows the main header for the memo and introduces what follows)
(should be 2 pages long) Issue and Its Impact/Problem/Backgroundthis section will integrate your outside research and will include 2 self-made visuals (it is fine if they are the same as the ones used in the Visual Presentation). The purpose of the section is to illustrate why the issue is so importantyou are, after all, proposing an extensive 2-month study that focuses on the issuepersuade me that its important.
Topics to Investigateyou have just shown that the issue is really important, now step back and ask yourself: If I am going to study this issue for 2 months in order to do what the purpose statement says I am going to do, what questions need to be asked or what topics need to be studied further? (What will have to be addressed to write a thorough report?)
Methods and ProceduresThis section answers the question, how will I go about studying those topics? The purpose is to identify the primary and secondary sources that will be used to complete the proposed report and to persuade readers that they would result in a quality paper. You already have a list of 10 secondary sources, some of which you used in the Issue sectionprovide those here. ALSO, since primary research is something that each proposed project should include, provide information about the survey that would be conducted were you to do the 2-month study being proposed.
Anticipated Timeline/ScheduleI am being heavy handed here and providing the project window of two months. IF you were going to do all the things outlined in the proposal in order to create a thorough paper, what major milestones would you use and what dates would you attach to them? For instance, if you were doing a survey, would you include Preparation of the Survey? What would be the deadline? Would you include Conducting the Survey and have a date for that? How about Assessing the Results? Would you have a deadline for writing a draft of the paper? What other milestones might exist?
Call to ActionThis is the concluding section, and its purpose is to call your reader to take action by approving or following up on your proposal in some other way. You are, essentially, trying to get your audience outright approve the proposed work or to approve it conditionally. You will want to convey that with you attitude and goodwill phrasing.

This purpose of this document is to persuade your reader that the proposed project is warranted and that you are the person to do it. As a result, each section uses the information presented to persuade the reader and/or to overcome objections by showing that the topic is important, that there is plenty of research to support a two-month study, that you know what sorts of questions need to be asked in order to generate the report you are proposing, and that you have a solid and achievable research plan.