project mgmt processes

Also, provide a graduate-level response to each of the following questions: Find a recent news article on an ongoing project, evaluate the managements performance, and explain how the project could be better organized and managed. Discuss the pros and cons of the spiral project life-cycle model and the waterfall project life-cycle model. How are the processes in the PMBOK related to each other? Give a specific example. Question 2 Find an article describing a national project in detail. On the basis of the article and on your understanding of the project, answer the questions below. State any assumptions that you feel are necessary to provide answers. Who were the stakeholders? Was it an internal or external project? What were the most important resources used in the project? Explain. What were the needs and expectations of each stakeholder? What are the alternative approaches for this project? Was the approach selected for the project the best, in your opinion? Explain. What were the risks in the project? Rank the risks according to severity. What was done or could have been done to mitigate those risks? Was the project a success? Why? Was there enough outsourcing in the project? Explain. What lessons can be learned from this project?

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