In this assignment you are using a variety of relevant and reliable project management literature to critically analyse your project's document known as the 'project management plan' (PMP), in the format of a professional report. This is a critical analysis of the documented 'project management plan' not the project itself nor how it was managed.

The PMP for your chosen project would be the sort of document that would be handed to a client/manager to illustrate how it is intended to manage the project through to completion. A PMP is an important document for achieving successful project outcomes, and is often used to gain sponsor/client commitment, and should contain sufficient information to allow such a decision to be made with confidence.

Make sure you understand what a PMP is before you select a document for analysis. The document might be an existing plan from your place of work or from another source if you don't have access to one from your workplace. Either way, the source should be clearly indicated.

Word count: 3000 – 4000 words approximately (excluding executive summary, figures, tables, appendices and reference list)

The structure of your report (assignment) should be as follows:

Title page (report title, course details, author details, due date, etc. in the style of a professional report)

Executive Summary

1. Introduction

2. Project background

3. Structure of the PMP

4. Contents of the PMP

5. Conclusions

6. Recommendations

Reference list


Formatting – As a general guide, you can follow the formatting guidelines for reports as outlined in the Communication Skills Handbook:

Summers, J & Smith, B 2014, Communication skills handbook, 4th edn, John Wiley and Sons Australia, Ltd, Brisbane.

Assignment Files –