Professional Business Presentation for Stakeholders

Create a presentation of your research and data findings from Project Two including your decision and rationale.

Construct a professional business presentation for internal and external stakeholders.

Identify your key message to both internal and external stakeholders.
Illustrate your key points using visualizations.
Tell your story.

Specifically include the following in your presentation:

Communicate your decision about diversification based on your analysis of the data and research.

Use visualizations to tell the story of the (quantitative and qualitative) data.
Determine the likelihood of success based on the data and research collected.
Discuss the impact that moving to the new industry will have on the organization and its internal and external stakeholders.

Detail your recommendations for moving forward.

Summarize findings of the research performed.
Include research conclusions and reasoning.
Describe the rationale behind your recommendations.

What to Submit
To complete this project, you must submit a Powerpoint presentation of 10 to 15 slides including speaker notes. Sources should be cited according to APA style.