Prior Learning Assessment Assignments

Prior Learning Assessment Assignments
Preparing your PLA essay portfolio is a simple process:
A. Just write 10 essays for your Doctorate Program.*Use the list below as a source to jog your memory in writing about your experiences.
B. Most of your essays can be confined to just 1-page. However, One of the essays is to be a 2-3 page essay on a book selected by you, specific to your major, you can locate the book for free on or provide your own book.List all employment positions, job title, date and place of employmentList all schools that you have attended and dates of graduation.List all diplomas you have been awarded.List all advanced degrees that you have been awardedList all certifications that you have earnedList all seminars or non-school classes that you have attendedList any special training that you have attendedList any on the job trainings and dates of fulfillmentList public speaking eventsHow many church meetings have you presided over as a preacherHow many church meetings have you served in as a teacherHave you served as a department head at work or at churchList military training and experienceList all awards and commendations not already mentionedList your special skills or areas of personal accomplishmentList your hobbies, sports, passionsYou should not feel confined to or limited by the 1-16 items listed above. You can use other experiences from life (beyond the above list) as a basis for essays as well. You may have experiences not relative to the above list. You may also find that some of the items listed above do not apply specifically to your life. *So, no need to limited by this suggestive list.Instructions for submitting your PLA:On the Subject line enter Prior Learning Assessment AssignmentsOn the Body of the email enter your Full Name and Student ID Number

British Columbia Parliament BuildingMicrobial SensitivitiesConduct SPSS in FocusVoice Network CommunicationNarrative ReviewPrior Learning Assessment AssignmentsIn what ways are sports reflective of the cultural values of a society?Write a paper discussing the issues managers face while dealing with and managing social responsibilities and ethical issues in a diverse workforce.Training an Officer for Better OutcomesDemonstrating the accurate utilisation of academic skills, review the formation process of adiposis edematosa (cellulite) and research TWO treatments used within the Aesthetic industry to treat the condition.

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