Power Point Presentation

       Analyze the Asian American subculture and the unique marketing aspects it entails.
       Analyze the Native American, Asian Indian American, and Arab American subcultures and the unique marketing aspects they entail.
       Describe the various religious subcultures and their implications for marketing.
       Explain the role of geographic regions as subcultures.

Simple tips to a great PowerPoint presentation:
       Dont overcrowd your slides. Include a few points. Do not include complete sentences and paragraphs.
       Use readable fonts. Don’t try to give your audience to get an eyestrain headache by using tiny fonts. Use large fonts in simple faces (like Arial); avoid boldface, italics and ALL-CAPS.
       Don’t get too fancy. You want your audience to remember your message, not how many special effects and visual gimcracks you used. In almost all cases, the simpler the better. Do include images for attraction.
       Keep it relevant. Stick to the topic you are assigned. Include examples to help get the point across.
       Use facts, not generalities. Fuzzy concepts reflect fuzzy thinking. Buttress your argument, story and message with facts that are quantifiable, verifiable, memorable and dramatic.
       Customize for every audience. One-size-fits-all presentations are like one-size-fits-all clothes; they never fit right and usually make you look bad. Every audience is different; your presentation should be too.
       Simplify your graphics. People shut off their brains when confronted with complicated drawings and tables. Use very simple graphics and highlight the data points that are important.
       Keep backgrounds in the background. Fancy slide backgrounds only make it more difficult for the audience to focus on what’s important. Use a simple, single color, neutral color background.
       Speak to the audience. Great public speakers keep their focus on the audience, not their slides or their notes. Focusing on the audience encourages them to focus on you and your message.
       Avoid reading from the slides. Guess what? Your audience can read. If you’re reading from your slides, you’re not just being boringyou’re also insulting the intelligence of everyone in the room.
       Don’t skip around. Nothing makes you look more disorganized than skipping over slides, backtracking to previous slides, or showing slides that don’t really belong. If there are slides that don’t fit, cut them out of the presentation in advance.

       Keep it short and sweet. When was the last time you heard someone complain that a presentation was too short? Make it half as long as you originally thought it should be.