Power, Ideology, and Organizational Communication

ᤀᛰ쩨ᖰ↏ﴘ눀谀ꦄ立Post-Fordist organizations and teams Flatter decision-making and trust-based work Autonomous teams can become oppressive and stressful Identifying with team not organization “Management by stress” (Parker & Slaughter, 1990) Workers engage in team surveillance; no management required  Order similar from   The hidden resistance of flight attendants Emotional labour: “the management of feeling to cre­ate a publicly observable facial and bodily display” (Hochschild, p. 7) Management of emotions is incomplete Hidden tran­scripts: discourse and behavior that occur “offstage,” outside the immediate view of those in power in an organization (Scott, 1990) Order similar from  The hidden resistance of flight attendants Three distinct forms of resistance (Murphy):  Resistance to gender hierar­chy and status  Resistance to the regulation of movement and space  Resistance to the regulation of appearance These examples of resistance aren’t radical Order similar from