‘Political Representation and Leadership for Women’

This is a qualitative research assignment, write an executive journal examining the role and significance of the political representation and leadership for Women.  
 It is important to have the most qualified person in Legislature or in the Executive Office however, the ‘legislative quotas’ show that women in politics as representatives is still low and non-existent yet in the ‘executive branch’.  
Guidelines to Consider for your Research: 
Please reflect on the issue with supporting research and express your opinion.  

Reflect through critical thinking and state you opinion on Women’s Leadership and Political Representation in Executive and Legislative Branch. 
Write 2 pgs words suggesting your opinion and choices.
Refer to pages and announcement tab for APA/Chicago style format info please paraphrase and cite your sources accordingly during paraphrasing.  
Use up to 6 resources in your ‘Bibliography’ No Wikipedia or any other open source multimedia
Please view the links attached in the module for further research and inspiration.


Please write a two page summary journal of your research and adhere to APA/Chicago formatting.
You must include five-six resources from credible sources you can also use my Links under Module.
2 pgs long double space with in-text citation.
Extra pgs Cover pg & Bibliography