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Connecting World War I and World War II Pick one of the following: Option 1: At the onset of World War I, the United States had a policy of neutrality, however, as the war dragged on many believed that Americas involvement was inevitable with regards to the affairs of Europe. In this assignment, trace the changing role of the United States from the start of WWI (1914) through World War II. (1945) You can decide to focus on a particular theme or take a general approach. Additionally, comment on whether or not you support the statement that Americas involvement in the World Wars was inevitable. Option 2: The end of the Great War was a time of great relief for the nations that had lost so much as a result. However, this was a sense of false relief as the peace and years following World War I lead to the outbreak of World War II. In this essay, research the events, peace treaties, and political movements that took place at the conclusion of World War I and explain the connection between the end of World War I and the start of World War II.