Policy Analysis Term Paper The length of this paper should be between 3-5 pages

Policy Analysis Term Paper
The length of this paper should be between 3-5 pages in length excluding References and/or Bibliography. It should follow the APA format which is included in the Module 8 material. The completed paper should be submitted by Saturday 11:59 pm.
Select one health issue from the list below in which you have an interest.
Most Common Health Issues Facing Americans
Heart Disease
Physical Activity and Nutrition
Overweight and Obesity
Substance Abuse
Mental Health
Injury and Violence
Environmental Quality
Access to Health Care
Begin your paper by describing the nature and scope of the public health problem in the United States.
Conducting a Google search using key words such as statistics or demographics (e.g., substance abuse demographics) should lead to resources that will provide data regarding individual, socio-cultural, economic, and perhaps political determinants that can be seen as contributing to the problem. Narrowing your focus to a specific sub-population may also be helpful in providing relevant articles. The CDC.gov web site (using the Diseases and Conditions drop down menu) will also provide back ground for your paper. Identify one policy intervention that has been used or proposed to address the problem.
Conducting a Scholar One search through the Northeastern library should be helpful in accessing a variety of studies examining existing or potential health policy or program initiatives designed to address the health problem you selected. Review at least 3 such studies focusing on a population or sub-population most vulnerable to the public health issue you selected. Having identified a policy intervention based on your research, briefly discuss the intervention’s
Main Goal,
Objectives, and
Program Components
Then provide a brief analysis examining
Comprehensiveness, and
Lastly discuss the feasibility of the intervention based on Economic; Administrative; and Political factors