Please write essays on the three topics shown below. If you wrote about a topic

Please write essays on the three topics shown below. If you wrote about a topic in key ideas, the approach taken in your essay should add value and perspective to the earlier work and not repeat an earlier submission from Key Ideas or Discussions.
Scholarly articles are published in academic journals and they are peer reviewed. Full citations and references will be given for them, in correct APA parenthetic citation and reference list format. On the Park University Library home page ( to an external site.), follow links to “databases” and Ebsco. In the Ebsco site, select Academic Search Premier for most journals, and Education Databases and Education Research Complete for Public Administration Review. Use different combinations of search terms in “advanced search” to locate articles related to the essay topic.
Each essay will:
Be 1-2 single-space pages in length, not including quotations, lists, citations, or references.
Correctly use APA author/date parenthetic citation and reference list style.
Avoid plagiarism (see Course Overview).
Have a heading that identifies the topic.
Cite, reference, and discuss at least one scholarly article (see Course Overview) and two websites on the essay topic. At least ONE of the scholarly articles needs to have been published within the last year.
1. Constitutional value. Identify a Constitutional principle or value that interests you and show how it appears in contemporary discussions about the public sector generally or public administration in particular.
2. Sectoral expectations. Discuss how public expectations of career professionals working in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors differ. The discussion should, at minimum, include the relationship with elected officials, responsiveness to the public, and the varying ethical dilemmas confronted by each in carrying out their duties.
3. Conflict of interest. Discuss the concept of conflict of interest relative to the idea of the public interest. Research a specific conflict of interest law and include in your essay:
Who is covered by this conflict of interest law, distinguishing between elected officials, political appointees and members of boards and commissions, and career professionals.
The activities restricted by the law.
Reporting requirements.
Characteristics of the body responsible for carrying out the law.
The process of handling complaints filed under the law.
What you find interesting about the law and its potential effects on government.