Please indicate in assignment part a and b. Thank you! Part A Search the Interne

Place your order now for a similar assignment and have exceptional work written by our team of experts, At affordable ratesFor This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowPlease indicate in assignment part a and b. Thank you!Part ASearch the Internet for websites that are resources forparaeducators. You can start with recommendations from “E-Partners†(text page264). These sites provide extensive information for paraeducators includingaccess to materials that provide a core curriculum and training program toprepare educators as well as links to other relevant sites. Review the websites(at least three) you found useful, and develop an Internet resource list.Part BTake notes anduse them from watching the Module 6 video, create or locate a quickreference guide template on the Web to use as you develop your own“SPED Law Quick ReferenceGuide (QRG).”Create somethingthat you can refer to as neededIf possible,keep the QRG to a two-page Word document. This would make it easy to printa copy using both sides of a piece of card stock or paper.You do NOT needto use a title page for this assignment.Use the APAcitation for the video, and place it in small font at the end of thedocument. Do NOT create a separate reference page.Use GRAMMARLY tohelp you revise your paper during or after you have created it. Aim for 0issues and 0 plagiarism. Make a conscious decision about whether to reviseyour document based on the Grammarly feedback. Do not simply trash everyrecommendation.In the studenttext box, indicate what Grammarly scores you finally can reach. Do notsubmit a paper with more than 10 issues that were not addressed and/or aplagiarism score of more than 5%. Keep revising if your paper exceedsthese criteria.In the future,you might want to make duplicates of the QRG to share with parents ofstudents with disabilities or with fellow educators.One point willbe deducted for each error of contents, APA, or the mechanics of writing.For This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowRelated