Please follow the Article Assessment Template in structuring your Article Assess

Please follow the Article Assessment Template in structuring your Article Assessments Assignments.
o You must include your name and the date on the assignment.
o Include a title that is relevant to the assignment.
o You should not include a title page for this assignment.
o The assignment should be single spaced.
 You must include a Turabian format citation for your source. You may choose one of two options (do not include both citations).
o Option 1 is a bibliographical citation. It is demonstrated at the bottom of the template.
o Option 2 is in the style used for book reviews. It is demonstrated at the top of the template.  Avoid using direct quotes in an assignment of this type—it will rarely be a good use of your limited space. It is usually better to think through the issues and to state them in your own words.  If you do make a direct quote, or refer to material specifically from the article or other sources, you must provide a Turabian format footnote.  Your discussion should be specific. Make sure that it is clear that you read the material and that you thought about it carefully.  Avoid generic statements like “it was interesting”, “it fit the module’s readings well”, “I liked the article”. Instead, make sure that you are clear about the thesis being presented, explain how and why the article fits the module’s readings, and discuss how and why it is a valuable source.
 The assessment must be three paragraphs long. There is not a specific word requirement, but I encourage you to be concise and to follow these recommended sentence guidelines. o Paragraph 1 should be a 1-2 sentence statement of the author’s thesis.
o Paragraph 2 should be a 3-5 sentence discussion of how the author supports their thesis.
o Paragraph 3 should be a 3-5 sentence discussion of how this article fits into the history of Africa more broadly/as we’ve covered it in class so far.
 The article that you choose must meet a variety of requirements in order to be suitable for this assignment.