Please carefully review this week’s lecture materials (videos, PPT, and articles

Please carefully review this week’s lecture materials (videos, PPT, and articles) prior to responding to the following questions. Include at least one citation (from a reliable source) and a reference section below your post. Question 1: An ongoing debate has been about whether or not building a wall on US-Mexico border could significantly help with national safety. Note that “building a wall” represents an alternative decision. Informed by the 6-Step Rational Decision Making model, assess the effectiveness of this alternative decision. In your response, please be sure to identify and discuss any biases and/or heuristics that might have influenced or led to this proposed decision. Question 2: Select and briefly describe a decision (as well as the related context) that you have been trying to make or one that was recently made by your manager or a leader of a famous company. Use Consequentialism and Deontology to assess this decision from an ethical perspective. HIHF Reflection
Look back at the week that has past and write down a detailed reflection (at least 200 words) on what you have learned that you can apply in your life. Use the framework below: Highlight (key takeaways) – A clear description that best expresses the main concepts of your learning experience. What are the main concepts / key takeaways from this lesson’s learning activities?
Insight – A deep or intuitive understanding of the main concepts of your learning experience. Tying together your highlights, what new realizations have you formed?
Hindsight – A recognition of the dangers and/or possibilities when looking back at past experiences related to your learning experience. Relate your insights to past experiences. How do your past experiences support or negate your insights? What would have changed if you applied your insights to these past experiences. Would you have been able to apply insights to these past experiences?
Foresight – Describes what can happen when lessons from the learning resource are applied to your personal and professional lives. How will your learning from your highlights, insights, hindsights, change your attitude, behaviors, and actions moving forward?