For this assignment, it is helpful to complete all the readings and viewing of all the videos in this module as these will provide the knowledge base, language and vocabulary you need to use, and other useful pieces of information to help you fully answer the questions. To maximize your ability to earn full points on this assignment, it is important you explain each response thoroughly by including details, all available information, examples, and any other mechanism that supports your reply. It is also necessary to include (in parenthesis embedded in your text) your references which are all provided to you inside this module.  Use any of the materials and resources provided in your module as you see needed.
Please answer questions A-C listed below.  Develop a 1 page, single-spaced essay that addresses the questions. Use the questions as guides to help your thinking and as a checkpoint to ensure you cover the items mentioned in the questions.  
It is important students focus on developing their communication skills in writing. An essay approach to this assignment is best. When developing your essay, please adhere to the following:

Only use the resources available in this module and your course textbook to help you develop your answers. 
Reference items in your write-up (APA style).

What is Phonics? Define phonics. Use your CORE book and resources in this module to write up a thick explanation.
What are the vowel patterns? (list all vowel patterns; use the resources in this module and your CORE book to define each pattern and add one example for each pattern)
What are appropriate phonics strategies that support students who are emerging English learners, students with exceptionalities, and students with dyslexia?  Please list at least one example of an appropriate strategy for each of these groups of learners. Briefly explain the strategy and tell now it supports the specific educational need.