Persuasive Strategies used in Political Advertisements

You are going to evaluate the use of Ethos (credibility), Logos (evidence/reasoning), and Pathos (emotion) in political advertisements.  PLEASE USE UNITED STATES POLITICAL CANDIDATES 
Select two advertisements/commercials to watch from different candidates for an elected office (they can be candidates for any election – current, recent past, or distant past as long as they have a video commercial you can evaluate).  YouTube is a good resource to find candidate commercials and most candidates have websites with commercials as well.  
You will post your activity response analyzing each advertisement.  Analyze the ad’s use of Ethos, Logos and Pathos.  How do they use each element?  Give examples.   Does the ad focus on one element more than the others?  Is the commercial successful?  Why or why not?  Lastly, would you consider voting for this candidate based on the advertisement?