Persuasive Speech Topics

Set a timer for 5 minutes and generate as many topic ideas as you possibly can until you reach 10-20. Your goal is to generate as many ideas as you can! After completing your list, consider your audiences familiarity with these topics. Cross off any topics on the list that could be considered boring or stale to the audience. For example, it would likely be difficult to create a fresh, compelling presentation on topics such as the death penalty, violent video games, or the legalization of marijuana since audiences have heard these topics over and over again. After reviewing your list, circle your top three favorite topic choices. Step Two Identifying a Topic: Now that you have three possible topics, answer the questions below. Be sure to answer all of these questions about each of your three persuasive topics. What argument could you make about this topic? What do you already know about this topic? What is your personal experience with the topic? What is your audiences familiarity with this topic? Do they already know a lot about it? Is this new for them? What do experts say about this topic? Where can you find credible research on this topic?

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