Persuasive Speech – My stand is that animals in the shelter should not be euthan

Persuasive Speech – My stand is that animals in the shelter should not be euthanized. Can you please create an outline for me? Following the outline I am attaching. Thank you.
Persuasive speeches should convince your audience to adopt a specific course of action, value, or opinion. You can choose between face, value, or policy speeches. Evaluation will be based on your ability to present and support your position in a civil, ethical, and convincing manner that is adapted to and respectful of the opposing perspective(s) and of your audience.
There are two components to this speech.
Initial Speech and Outline: due Wednesday, August 3rd by 11:59pm
Peer Reviews: due Friday, August 5th by 11:59pm
Point Break Down
Persuasive Speech & Outline 100pts
Peer Reviews 25pts
For this speech, you will be expected to:
Write and deliver a speech advocating a single position on a topic about which you are passionate. The topic should be significant beyond your personal experience and have at least two clearly defined divergent positions. Your speech will argue for one position. The topic should be something that has the potential to change your audience’s opinion, beliefs, or behaviors about. Topics should be focused in nature and appropriate. All speeches must be speeches of policy- advocating for your audience to do something or not do something.
Organize your speech according to a specific organizational pattern, such as causal or Monroe Motivated Sequence. Main and supporting points should show unity, coherence, balance, and mutual exclusivity. The speech should be easy to follow, understand, and remember. Information should be adapted to the audience’s level of knowledge. A central idea should be maintained throughout the speech, with a clear purpose and thesis.
Use a variety of supporting materials that will clarify and support your claim, respectfully present the opposing perspective(s), and hold the interest of your audience. The information should go beyond your personal experience. Cite all information that isn’t common knowledge or doesn’t derive from your personal experience and ideas. A minimum of FIVE OUTSIDE SOURCES is required and must be cited in both the outline and speech.
Sources should be:
Credible. Sources should be drawn from library resources and databases. Avoid using primarily one source. If your topic requires an outside source, please clear it with me before your speech date. Two sources must be scholarly.
Current. A minimum of three sources should be within the last six years (from 2014 or later).
Cited accurately. Sources should be cited in the speech, outline, and bibliography. Papers will be reviewed for plagiarism; appropriate consequences will be enforced. APA formatting is required for the in-text citations and reference page.
Include a complete introduction and conclusion. The introduction should contain an attention-getter, purpose, relevance, and thesis/preview statement. The conclusion should include a restatement of the thesis, a review of the main points, and a memorable closing thought.
Use extemporaneous delivery. Engage the audience, even virtually!. Frequent eye contact (over 80%) with the audience/camera is required; no reading from outlines. Index cards will be the only speaker notes available for use- no exceptions. Please see me if you do not have access to index cards. Language should be conversational but of academic standard. All speech criteria, including delivery, will be assessed. Aim for engaged, dynamic, and energetic delivery to enhance speaker character credibility. No more than 4 index cards will be allowed.
Submit a formal outline using 12pt font, Times New Roman font double spaced formatting. Sources must be cited in APA in-text style within the text of the outline and additional must appear in the References page. Outlines are not a script of your speech, but show the development of your ideas. Each main point should have a topic sentence and become more specific in content as it breaks down into subpoints and subsubpoints. Outline are due by the beginning of class on the day assigned to present. No visual aids are to be used in this speech. This includes handouts, videos, pictures, or sound. If you have a visual or audio aid you believe is necessary to the integrity of you speech, you can pitch me your idea no later than one week before your speech date. Dress professionally. Dress should be business casual, suitable for a business presentation among colleagues. At the very least, no denim and no label T-shirts.
Stay within the time limit of 5-7 minutes. Time limits will be strictly enforced and speeches will be not be graded beyond the 7-minute mark.
Speech Submission: Students will be recording their speech at home and uploading them as YouTube link/URL to this assignment in addition to your outline. The YouTube video can be unlisted. Video requirements include
Upper 3/4 body visible in the frame
Good lighting (no windows behind you)
Audio quality is passable (watch video for lighting/audio quality before submitting)
Adhere’s to dress code
Within the time limit