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Completion of this peer evaluation in alignment with the course assignment is imperative and must be submitted via the Peer Evaluation dropbox in the D2L Assignments area.

Each member of your team must submit this peer evaluation form when you submit your team assignment.

How It Works

Insert your peers’ names at the top of each column and rate each of your team members on the contributions that were made in completing your assignments by responding to each of the statements using the scale at the bottom of the form.

Do not give anyone a rating that they do not deserve.

Keep your ratings confidential. Your instructor will also keep them confidential unless you give permision to share them with a group member if a problem arises. If you give someone more or less points than others on your team, you must justify why you did this in the space provided. If your rating of another team member is vastly different than those provided by other team members, your rating may be thrown out.

I would strongly advise against making a “pact” or “deal” with your team members to always give each other the highest rating. These ratings forms are meant to ensure that all members of the team contribute to team assignments and group work during class.

The facilitator will tally up total points for each team member. Your score on team assignments will be adjusted based on the evaluation scores you receive from your team members. All ratings are aggregated, individual ratings are confidential, and ratings will not be changed by the instructor.

For example if you receive an average of 80 points out of a possible 100 total points from your team members, then you will receive 80 percent of the points that your team earned on the assignment. If you receive an average contribution of 100 percent from your teammates, then you will receive the mark given to the assignment.

Team member

Assignment Grade

Average team contribution

Final grade on the assignment













Forms are due with the assignment. Turn in an evaluation on each member of your team when you hand in your team assignment. You will not receive a grade for your team assignments if you do not turn in team member evaluation forms. Be sure to also rate your own contribution to the assignments.

Peer Evaluation Form


Filled out by: Insert Your Name

Member 1 Name

Member 2 Name

Member 3 Name

Member 4 Name


Quality of Work: Work is correct, clear, complete, and relevant to the problem.


Commitment to Team / Project: Attends all meetings. Arrives on time and stays to the end. Dependable & reliable.


Leadership: Brings energy and excitement to the team. Has a “can do” attitude. Helps keep the group focused on the task.


Responsibility: Gladly accepts work and gets it done. Contributes agreed-upon share of team’s responsibility & meets deadlines.


Contributes their strengths to the team. Makes the most of his/her strengths. Contributes useful ideas.


Communication: Communicates clearly. Participates in group discussions or meetings by listening and allowing others to contribute ideas and contributing his/her own solutions.


Attitude: Positive attitude encourages others. Seeks consensus. Fun to work with. Pours water, not gasoline on fires. Follows team’s ground rules and established conflict-resolution process.


Knowledge: Readings and “group homework” complete before meetings. Understands the team’s direction.


Flexibility: Cooperative with the group effort. Respects and supports team’s decisions.


Innovativeness/Initiative: Takes initiative, makes suggestions, and offers creative ideas.

Total (out of 50)


Grading scale: 5 – Always, 4 – Most of the time, 3 – Sometimes, 2 – Rarely, 1 – Never

Comments (please explain any low ratings):