Part 1: Identification Below each sequence specified below are vocabulary terms

Place your order now for a similar assignment and have exceptional work written by our team of experts, At affordable ratesFor This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowPart 1: IdentificationBelow each sequence specified below are vocabulary terms that may or may not apply to the sequences. There are aspects of each sequence that are on their respective lists, but there are also items on the lists that are not in the sequences. Watch the clips closely and create a document in which you address whether or not the technique described by each term is present. Noting one instance is enough, even if a technical element should appear multiple times. If you write more than instance for a single term, ONLY THE FIRST will be counted. You must describe the instance with enough detail so that I will know to which part of the sequence you are referring. If you find that an item does not appear in the film, write “N/A” next to the term. If you find that the presence/absence of a term is ambiguous, explain that ambiguity as best you can. Correct responses are worth 12.5 points each. Terms left unaddressed will be counted as incorrect.Sequence 1: Moonrise Kingdom – 1 minute, 51 seconds – Player time counter: 31:32 – 33:23 – Captain Sharp (Bruce Willis) and Mr. Bishop (Bill Murray) arrive at the Bishop’s house where Mrs. Bishop (Frances McDormand) has found a hidden box of letters between Sam (Jared Gilman) and Suzy (Kara Hayward). These letters provide evidence of Suzy and Sam’s disappearances being parts of a mutual plan to runaway.Sequence 1 Technical Terms (75 points): 1. flashback2. low-key lighting3. match action4. tracking shot (tracking forward or in)5. extreme long shot6. eyeline matchSequence 2: We Need to Talk about Kevin – 1 minute, 54 seconds – Player time counter: 1:23:16 – 1:25:10 (Backwards time counter: -29:13 – -27:18) Eva (Tilda Swinton), Franklin (John C. Reilly), and Kevin (Ezra Miller) share a meal together. Franklin insists that Eva attempt to console Kevin about his sister’s recent accident, against Eva’s own judgment.Sequence 2 Technical Terms (75 points):1. medium close-up2. eyeline match3. master shot4. tracking shot (track right)5. diegetic sound6. insert (or cutaway)Part 2: Short EssayYour answer should be structured as an essay (similar to your journal entries) including a brief introductory paragraph stating your position clearly, a body of one-to-three paragraphs using examples to illustrate the justification for your position, and a concluding paragraph that underscores the relevance of your position and which may also briefly allude to other examples or points you would expand upon with less time limitations. It should be in the range of 500-750 words. Your essay response will be worth a possible 100 points.Choose ONE of the following two prompts to answer, and include your response as part of the exam document that you submit.Prompt Option 1:Discuss any one of the fictional narrative films we have viewed for class in terms of whether it more strongly exhibits mainstream film or art film characteristics in THREE of the following six areas: 1) plot, 2) causality, 3) style, 4) diegesis, 5) presence of a goal, or 6) its ending. Be sure to address three of these categories and clearly state which type of narrative film (mainstream or art) you feel your chosen film is best described as based on the way those types of films are described in Engaging Cinema.Prompt Option 2:Choose one of the experimental films we’ve viewed for class (Un Chien Andalou or one of the many that are discussed and shown in Free Radicals) and explain how it uses film techniques in ways different than you would see in fictional narrative films. Use these observations to make a case for what this experimental film does accomplish, given that it is not the straightforward telling of a story.For This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowRelated