Paper Assignment

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PaperAssignment Instructions
For this assignment, you will write a research-based paper that focuseson obtaining and discussing the information required by Role-Play Exercise 19.2, excluding the requirement to include visual aids found in section 4. This paper shouldbe an extensive analysis of the issues raised in sections 13, includingapplicable Virginia law. You must also include a biblical analysis of howserving your neighbor should motivate you when representing your client in amatter.
      Length ofassignment:
      Length ofassignment 3 5-pages
o   Thepaper must have a title page and must make use of reader-friendly aids, such assection summaries, tables of contents, indices, and appendices, whenappropriate.
      Format ofassignment: Current Bluebook
       Thepaper must include at least 3 references in addition to the course textbooksand the Bible. Your references must be appropriate in quality, quantity, andapplication to support all statements or contentions calling for support andthe paper as a whole.