Organize and prepare for the survey and public events in only three-months.

Organize and prepare for the survey and public events in only three-months.Ensure participation of such disparate groups as HIV/AIDS activists as well as less activemainstream consumer groups. Order similar from  Program: A toll-free number was established to manage inquiries regarding the publicforums. An advisory committee, of individuals from organizations whose members useblood products, was formed. A structure was developed for the forums; dates and venueswere booked and facilitators were selected to lead the round table discussions. Order similar from  The HealthMinisters for Canada, Ontario, Nova Scotia and Alberta were invited to attend the forumsto provide opening remarks on the restructuring of the blood system. Order similar from  Participants were solicited through organizations whose members use blood products orhave been affected by contaminated blood transfusions. Participants were also solicitedthrough ads in newspapers and the posting of bulletins in strategic locations such asgrocery stores, pharmacies and hospitals. Background materials were distributed toparticipants in advance of the forum. Order similar from  Extensive media relations were conducted on an ongoing basis before, during and afterthe forums. Advisories were sent out to the media in advance of the forums, media kitswere dist Order similar from