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Organizational Theory, Structure and Practice
June 2022 Examination

Q1. ‘Housing Depot’ has hired you as an HR Consultant to help them improve their processes. Explain the 7S framework for this home furniture company. Give suggestion on any one type of organisation structure that will suit this organisation. Give justification for your choice. (10 Marks)
Answer 1.
A company’s success is based on its all infrastructure, inclusive of its all workforce. This is also primarily based on their work culture and environment. The business strategy that they have adopted also maintains that means. There should also be an appropriate conversation between all groups of workers and the HMR or the enterprise’s CEO. Businesses must also carry a perfect vision and project for their all destiny that they need to develop inside the coming years or period. The corporation’s universal control ought to be pleasant to employees and discovered by various leaders who have worked. The groups also analyze various modern market situations. They also locate the risks within the business

Q2. Rachel wants to start her own IT consulting firm. She has hired you for handling the HR processes. As her HR expert, explain the three organisational approaches that describe the functioning and performance of individuals. In your opinion, which approach is the best? (10 Marks)
Answer 2.

The development of any company is based totally on various theories and methods. They may be all related to the individuals at once and indirectly related to the organization. This also adds to the system and purpose of commercial enterprise. The business processes are also based on the human resources and the personnel, consisting of the techniques used inside the enterprise. The organization’s progress constantly

Q3. Steve, VP- HR and Samantha, the Business Head can never agree on the ways to increase organisational effectiveness of their advertising business. Steve focusses more on the different levels of maintaining organisational effectiveness but Samantha is more in favor of taking up a specific approach. In this context,
a. Discuss how Steve will implement the organisational effectiveness on the different levels. (5 Marks)
Answer 3a.

The company’s effectiveness on extraordinary ranges interior a company may be measured via various factors. First, they need to be from the leaders to all employees. Inside an organization, there should additionally be profound communication among all employees. Better communication makes the foundation of organizational behavior and tradition.
Concept and analysis
The effectiveness of a corporation that Steve can implement is based totally on their excellent overall performance on manufacturing and

b. In your opinion, why do you think that Samantha is more in favor of the Goal approach in spite of its loopholes? (5 Marks)
Answer 3b.
Every organization must repair a purpose of destiny regardless of all negativities that it has in contemporary times. For this cause, there’s additionally a want to have a good team who can work in challenging times for this motive. There must also be an excellent chief who can guide them with excellent training.
Concept and analysis
The method of Samantha of getting a purpose despite all loopholes is the friendly approach of having the achievement of a corporation.