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Organizational Development in Healthcare
100 points
Read chapter 10 again in detail.
Rate the Followership Quotient (FQ) of your organization. Going through each of the
seven domains using the rating system provided in Figures 10.4a – 10.4g. Come up with
a final score.
For each of the seven domains, explain why you rated your organization the way you
did. Give examples. All submissions will remain confidential. Once you come to a final
score for your organization in figure 10.4h, tell whether or not you think the assessment
is accurate.
Each domain rating with full explanation 10 each (70 total)
Final score with commentary 10 points
Spelling, grammar, etc. 20 points
Total 100 points
2000 words or less
Atchison, T. (2004).
Followership: A practical guide to aligning leaders and followers
(2nd ed.). Health Administration Press.

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