Organizational Behaviour – Hire Academic Expert

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify different approaches to management and theories of organization.
  • Critically examine how organizational structure, culture, and change contribute to business success.
  • Analyze the relationship between motivation theories and management practices.
  • Critically evaluate team dynamics and leadership styles.


Singapore is a vibrant and economically strong country with high-end technological infrastructure, and strong Government policies. The socio-cultural fabric is most modern with very evident consumerism. So generally, Singapore is a safe, pleasant, and business-friendly country. Businesses in Singapore are growing with steady trends, in spite of economic downturns and the COVID19 pandemic.

You are appointed as a front-line employee of an organization in Singapore and your remit is to study individual performance, team behavior, leadership styles, and their impact on organizational performance. You as the new employee of a selected organization are required to carry out a concise analysis using the databases of the company, library, e-resources, annual reports, journal articles, newspapers, and case studies.

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