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The Best WritersLesson Plans should only be SCIENCE but includes Math. Developmentally age appropriate for each age group.Rationale: National focus has been placed on STEM.  Early Childhood educators have always known that the brain learns best when concepts are integrated.  Description: Based on students’ needs and interests, create an interdisciplinary science, technology, and mathematics unit for one age group (infants, toddlers or preschoolers).Directions: Plan and teach an integrated STEM unit. 1.     Design 10 developmentally appropriate STEM lesson plans for preschoolers (36-60 mo). Include realistic and problem-solving activities that promote creative and higher order thinking skills (NAEYC 4).  Be sure that each lesson plan: a)     Aligns instruction with state-adopted standards at the appropriate level of rigor (FEAP 1a);b)     Sequences lessons and concepts to ensure coherence and required prior knowledge (FEAP 1b);c)     Designs instruction for student to achieve mastery (FEAP 1c);d)     Selects appropriate formative assessments to monitor learning that match learning objectives (FEAP 1d, 4b);e)     Uses a variety of data, independently, and in collaboration with colleagues and your cooperating teacher, to evaluate learning outcomes, adjust planning and continuously improve the effectiveness of the lessons (FEAP 1e); f)      Develops learning experiences that require students to demonstrate a variety of applicable skills and competencies (FEAP 1f); 2.     Include standards-based instruction, differentiated instructional experiences for all children and create supportive, accepting and a student centered classroom environment.3.     Incorporate books, technology, manipulatives, and science equipment.4.     Using Bloom’s taxonomy, develop and list open-ended questions and discussion topics. 5.     Indicate how you would encourage children to communicate their STEM understanding verbally, in writing (pictures, graphs), and through the use of technology in order to assess mastery of lesson objectives.6.     Teach one lesson from the unit (FEAP 3).  A faculty member will observe you while you are teaching and provide feedback (NAEYC 4).  7.     Reflection: Write a reflection on this experience; include the feedback given by your instructor.  You will also explain how you did/did not do the following:a)     How these plans were created and selected.  b)     Organize, allocate, and manage the resources of time, space and attention (FEAP 2a);c)     Manage individual and class behaviors through a well-planned management system (FEAP 2b);d)     Convey high expectations to all students (FEAP 2c)e)     Respect students’ cultural, linguistic, and family background (FEAP 2d)f)      Models clear, acceptable oral and written communication skills (FEAP 2e)g)     Maintain a climate of openness, inquiry, fairness, and support (FEAP 2f)h)     Integrate current information and communication technologies (FEAP 2g)i)       Adapt the learning environment to accommodate the differing needs and diversity of students (FEAP 2h)j)       Utilize current and emerging assistive technologies that enable students to participate in high-quality communication interactions and achieve their educational goals (FEAP 2i)8.     For your School of Education Portfolio Reflection, use the following to guide you in writing your reflection after teaching the lesson, for this assignment:a.     Provide a description of the assignment.b.     What did you develop / implement and for whom? (SET THE STAGE)c.     How were the students’ learning impacted, or how will it be impacted as result of the artifact being implemented / utilized? (IMPACT ON STUDENT LEARNING) d.     What did you learn as a result of developing and / implementing the assignment, make sure to include the feedback received? (PRE-SERVICE TEACHER GROWTH) e.     What will you do to improve the assignment and FEAP related skills in the future? (CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT) Explain how completing this assignment has allowed you to demonstrate your competency related to the FEAPs.f.      The paper should be written in an organized, logical, and understandable style with appropriate mechanics (grammar and syntax). The reflection should be written in an organized, logical, and understandable style with appropriate mechanics (grammar and syntax). Welcome to one of the best assignments to help companies  online .·         Do you want to order for a customized assignment help task?·          Click on the order now button ·         Set up your topic, Fix the number of pages, Fix your Order instructions ·         Set up your deadline, upload the necessary files required to complete the task, Complete the payment. We delivery high quality and non plagiarized tasks within the stipulated time given  GY