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The Best WritersWrite an essay completing the 4 steps below. Make sure your essay is based exclusively on studying the assigned lecture. Do not use the Internet or other sources. 1) ) Write a paragraph on industrialization which explains • what makes the standard of living go up • why some societies are underdeveloped and others are developed • how a society produces value • what the “self-sustaining growth of capitalism” means 2) Write a paragraph discussing energy transitions. Be sure to • identify three energy transition in the history of industrialization, including dates • explain what an energy transition is • explain why energy transitions are important 3) Imagine I have an uncle who earned a good salary working for a camera company. But then my uncle lost his job about ten years ago. He was laid off. Write a paragraph • explaining how my uncle losing his job could be related to economic progress  • discussing three other examples in the history of industrialization in which job loss is related to economic progress, including dates • explaining why economic progress is multi-dimensional