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The Best WritersAssignment Instructors: Pick a movie that portrays a character or characters who are experiencing a psychiatric illness.Watch the movie and then please address the following in a reflected essay:● Why did you choose this movie? (Availability on a streaming service is not a good reason)● Write a synopsis of the movie. Give clear evidence that you watched the movie. (PLEASE LIMIT MOVIESYNOPSIS TO LESS THAN 1 PAGE!!!)● Summarize the condign portrayed in the movie (pathology, signs and symptoms, prevalence of condign).● Write a description and evaluate how the psychiatric disorder and the therapy was portrayed in the movie.● Analyze and write a crical analysis of how accurate or inaccurate you found the portrayal and treatment of thedisorder/therapy.● Show evidence of your knowledge of the psychiatric/neurological disorder or the type of therapy (i.e. includeinformation  from class, the textbook, and/or primary literature).● What did you learn from the portrayal of the paent with the condion or the condions’ effects of thecondion on family members? How will it change how you pracce or interact with paents?Movie Choices● One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (mulple psychiatric condions)● Rain Man (ausm neurodevelopmental disorder)● Temple Grandin-HBO (ausm neurodevelopmental disorder)● A Beauful Mind (schizophrenia)● Girl, Interrupted (borderline personality disorder)● As Good as it Gets (OCD)● Memento (neurocognive disorder anterograde amnesia)● The Aviator (anxiety and OCD)● The Machinist (insomnia/sleep-wake disorder)