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The Best Writers  Frame the problem.Identify whose behavior and/or what and how environmental factors need to change for theproblem to begin to be solved.Analyze the root causes of the problem.Identify the restraining and driving forces that affect the problem.Find any relationships that exist among the problem you’re concerned with and others in thecommunity.Identify personal factors that may contribute to the problem.Identify targets and agents of change for addressing the problem. ___Frequency of the problem ___Duration of the problem ___Scope or range of the problem ___Severity of the problem ___Legality of the problem ___Perception of the problemI understand how to analyze a community problem:___State the problem, in general terms___Give some specific examples of the problem ___Think of some possible reasons or causes ___Find the most probable reason___Identify some possible solutions___Choose the best solution___Implement that solution___Evaluate the solution ___Cost ___Time ___People ___Obstacles ___Impact ___How many people will be affected/ will benefit?___For how long will they benefit? How long will the solution last?___How intensely will they benefit — what is the extent of impact on their lives? ___Are there any possible unanticipated consequences or side effects?___What is the community’s preference?___What is the likelihood of success? ___What is the best evidence that this solution is going to work?___Where has this solution been tried before, and what has been the outcome?___What does expert opinion say on the probability of this solution being successful? _