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The Best Writers. Each section will address the needs (see below) and recommendations for a particular viewpoint. The points of view (different parties) are that of,1) data analytics professionals (i.e. those doing the work),2) business managers (who may be ignorant of how to do data analytics), and3) customers, whose needs can be unique. (Here, customer can be internal or external. Be sure to clarify who the customer is.)Express the business and/or project needs of each group and how different data analytic project frameworks and/or processes work to fulfill each need as described. In particular, address the following,The project and business needs of each viewpoint (3 to 5 for each, see below)The pros and cons of different frameworks and/or processes for each need (what’s good and not-good for the need at hand)The trade-offs between the different recommendations madeVariations in recommendations based on project characteristics (i.e. consider how different project characteristics like goals, size, budget, dead lines, etc. affect recommendations).